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Investor Relations
Residential ESS
Utility ESS

Utility Energy Storage System

尊龙凯时 - 人生就是搏!

Lower LCOE

尊龙凯时 - 人生就是搏!

Higher Safety

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Smart O&M

Liquid Cooling Energy Storage System

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尊龙凯时 - 人生就是搏!

Effective Liquid cooling

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Higher Efficiency

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Early Detection

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Real Time Monitoring

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Higher Energy Density


Lower Auxiliary power consumption

20% Less Power Consumption

Longer Service Life

temperature difference
≤ 2.5°C


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Customization Modes Available

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Highly Integrated, easy to install

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Multi-modes Available Based on
AC/DC Coupling

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Grid-friendly and Quick Charge-Discharge Response

C&I ESS Product

  • Battery Type: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)

  • Battery Life Cycle: 8000 Cycles, 0.5C @25°C

  • Nominal Capacity: 50-1000kWh (Customized)

  • Voltage Range: 500-1500V

  • IP Rating: IP54

  • Cooling:Air cooled / Liquid cooled

  • Certification:IEC 62619, UN 38.3, CE,UL 1973

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Residential ESS

尊龙凯时 - 人生就是搏!

Multiple product lines to comply better with diversified demands

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Cell-level fireproof design, more reliable for home use

尊龙凯时 - 人生就是搏!

Automatically switch between grid-connected and off-grid, compatible with existing PV Power Station

尊龙凯时 - 人生就是搏!

Intelligent management platform realize remote monitoring

Residential ESS Product

  • Cell type: Lithium iron phosphate

  • Cycle life: 6000 cycles

  • Capacity: 5.12-20.48kWh, support parallel connection

  • Warranty:10 years

  • Protection class: IP66(Inverter),IP65(Pack)

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